When I was meditating God’s word last night I have discovered some of the secrets of His Grace. The more wicked men are → grace exceeds, the more Grace ensured. God led me to an example. And this is.
A good Father bought and insurance for his children that might be one day when he’s gone his children will have enough provisions of their needs. Now concerning irresponsible, disrespectful and hard-headed children, the father sees the very need of an insurance. The more irresponsible, disrespectful and hard-headed children he has the more he sees the need. Because if someday he will die what will happen to those children he has? Surely they will suffer a lot because of ignorance. His children are getting bad to worst everyday. But because of this situation the more he sees the need of an insurance. Now, the insurance has it’s price and equivalent benefits. If he can’t paid if fully when he dies, his children still have a benefits but a partial of the whole benefits only it’s because he wasn’t paid it fully. But the father wanted to ensure their future for he didn’t know his time. So, he paid it fully.
Now concerning those responsible, respectful and excellent and intelligent children he has, he did not bother any longer for he knew deep within their future will also be a successful one. So he gave more concern to those irresponsible children he has.
Now this is the picture that God showed me last night. I was amazed with this parable. The father is GOD and the payment for the insurance is JESUS. And the irresponsible, disrespectful and hard-headed children are we(if you agree). Jesus as the payment is not only a full payment but an over-payment for the insurance that God wanted to give his children freely. See, all the good things including heaven are just one of the benefits which JESUS CHRIST over-paid.
THEREFORE Do not think within yourself right now that you have these good things within you or the salvation you have came from your own labor for these are the benefits that GOD has given unto us. OR don not think that you are disqualified for all the benefits because you are irresponsible and disobedient. See, you are the reason God paid the Price through Christ. This is called GRACE(Jesus Christ). And also, be thankful to God that despite of who we are our future is now assuredly secure because of His Love and Grace. I am not letting you accept this but I am announcing this to you that we are GOD’S BELOVED.


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