I just want to share with you my amazing experience and the message.

I have this amplifier and 2 speaker boxes. 1 of the young people borrowed it for a ministerial event. When they brought it back I wasn’t at home. I noticed that the twitter was broken and dropped off. So I glued it and stitched. Then I texted him. “Bro, what happened to the speaker?” then he replied “We’re so sorry pastor for what happened. It was accidentally dropped off. But don’t worry we have agreed that we will pay for the damaged price”. I feel sad about the reply because I was not asking for anything but only an answer so I reply “Don’t worry It’s totally okay. I am just asking so I will know what really had happened. I also repaired it so it’s no worries after all it’s for God’s ministry”. Then he insisted, “Thank you pastor, but please accept this payment. It is a great burden for us that we made a mess and do nothing about it.”. This time I made my final reply: “You know what brother that’s what God’s grace is. We have been forgiven because somebody paid for it. So don’t bother yourself anymore about the payment I made it already.”.

Many people today are doing everything just to pay the price of their sins. They are all burdened about it. Where in fact someone paid for it. After all we can’t pay the price of our sins. it’s too expensive.

Also, though I repaired it, still I could see the stain of the glue and the stitched are always visible. Every time i saw it I could still remember what happened. But there’s no pain of course I totally understand the situation. It’s only 1 thing that brings me into remembrance, the stain and the stitch. That’s who we are as a human. We can forgive, but the memories always are there.

But God’s grace is not like that, it is really amazing. When he forgave us, All sins and mess were blotted away. No scars, no stains and no stitches. Everything were restored and forgotten. And you know how God restores? it’s always more than the original it’s more than quantity or quality or both. I can assure you that God will remember it no more. Even the memories of our sins are forgotten by God.
Hebrews 10:17 “Then he adds: “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.”

So rest assured by God’s AMAZING GRACE. Hallelujah!!!


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